Taylor's Lakeside Retreat

A great family get away

The house was very clean and well kept. It is stocked with pretty much anything that you will need, pots, pans, towels, ect. It was very spacious as well, there was plenty of room for everyone to be there(I stayed with 8 people and we had plenty of room, we had empty rooms actually) the full basement is basically another apartment. I rather enjoyed our stay here, it was very quiet, the one side of the house is to woods and the other to neighbors that were never there( your experience may be different) so no one was loud or nosey, we felt very secluded. Multiple watercraft was nice for the older kids and there was a little beach shallow area for the younger kids. The owner has a algae remover type of device that’ll keep the algae away from the beach area which is a plus. The lake seemed clear but you could see a lot of see weed, so it was not ideal for jumping off the canoe and swimming in, although I did not do much exploring in the lake so you may find that that is false. Otherwise everything was great and my family enjoyed themselves and there was a lot to do. I would recommend this place to any small or larger family looking to get away from it all.

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